ADAKURUTMA® dryers are equipped with many safety features...


• Advanced slef-diagnostic check.

• Filling sensor.

• Flame sensing system.

• Air switch safety.

• Burning room safety.

• Motor overloads.

• Emergency stop butons.

  • Up To 1.200.000 Kcal. Heating Capacity Starting From 850.000 Kcal.
  • Up To 63.000 Kg/h Drying Capacity Starting From 16.000 Kg/h
  • 5 and 6 fans option
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • International Technical Support


ADAKURUTMA® manufactures reliable, efficient, and available grain dryers in a variety of models and capacities.  ADAKURUTMA®  has been a trusted name in the grain drying industry. Our dryers are built tough with the most modern features available for high performance and simplified operation.

In addition to the single and dual fan and heater grain dryers, ADAKURUTMA®  also offers 2 and 3 stacked  grain dryers. These units are available in 2, 3, 4,5, or 6 fan configurations to meet your drying needs.

As a plus we know that the future depends on the quality and dependability of our products. Every ADAKURUTMA® grain dryer is thoroughly tested before it goes to users.


ADAKURUTMA®  has developed grain exchange system to help eliminate overdrying and the balance the moisture contend of dried grain in stacked dryers. This unique system switches the grain from one side to another as it passes from module to module. Grain exchangers are to equalize column moisture content and temperature of the grain column, greatly improving quality and efficiency.


Platforms, ladders and safety cages are standard and provide easy access and service to the dryer.


Heavy-duty overall construction results in an extra rigid structure on a minimum of ground space.


An optional smart design:  As an option, the bunker coupled to the dryer prevents the continuous operation of the elevator system which loads the dryer. This ensures that the loading system is more efficient and longer lasting. It has two different holding capacities, 5 m³ and 8 m³ depending on customer needs.


Octagonal shaped burner with multi-point injection which runs both with LPG and natural gas,  is made of high quality stainless steel  and offers high and low-flame feature.  The burner is auto ignited. By means of an automatic fire sensor and a safety solenoid, burner operates totally securely. Fuel evaporator (for LPG) provides maximum combustion efficiency.


PLC control panel enables operator to run the system both automatically and manually in 3 languages. (Turkish-English-Russian) LCD touch screen monitor is easy to use. Makes written and audible warnings in case of failure, thus malfunctions can be detected and sorted immediately.  Multi-point product temperature control and safety system detects the temperature of the burning gas and runs off the system safely when necessary.  The invertor showing speed of metering rolls allows to monitor and adjust the speed. Also the safety pushbuttons located in front and behind of the dryer, completely stops the machine in case of emergency.


The power distribution box is galvanized and sealed. All electrical components are protected against transient voltage, spikes and surges. A main disconnect is standard for safe installation and service of the unit. A large safety stop button on the outside of the control box allows for immediate shut-down in emergency situations.


Standard on all grain dryers. Allows manual control of all dryer functions with simple toggle switches. Back-up control is completely independent of the PLC. ADAKURUTMA®’s manula control system is truly independent from the PLC system.


Inner and outer perforated  sheets are made of AISI 430 stainless steel. The holes diameter is determined according to the product that is to be dried.


The ladder behind the dryer allows it to reach the top of the machine. The back doors are made large enough to enter the inside of machine if needed. Catwalk at the top of the machine is designed wide enough to work safely and comfortably.


Drying grain too fast or too slow with the wrong airflow results in low quality grain and decreised dryers efficiency. ADAKURUTMA® dryers adjustable axial fans Works a  wide static pressure range provide quite operation and reduced energy cost.


Reducer together with chain gear system transmits the movement to metering rolls. With the help of the inverter, by adjusting desired speed dosage is provided. Auto reverse feature enables cleaning of accumulated sediments. Large inner covers provide easy access to the lower spiral and roll. Thus, cleaning and maintenance can be done easily. Suspended bearings (holding upper and lower augers) are cushioned with cestamide, thus long-lasting operation has been achieved.


Large interior covers allow quick and easy access to the unload auger.  Large door at the back of the dryer allows easy clean-out of the plenum.

* The given drying capacities are for corn and could be changed depending on weather conditions, grain density, grain size etc.


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