Hazelnut Dryer

During harvest time especially in rainy areas hazelnuts which stored without drying lead to quality losses, decayed, mold and aflatoxin formation. These organisms cause many diseases in plants, animals and humans. and cause every year a great amount of agricultural products are lost. The aflatoxin formation should be absolutely prevented in order to make hazelnut agriculture sustainability.

One of the most important steps in producing quality hazelnuts and preventing aflatoxin formation is the drying phase. Hazelnut must be dried properly. The high moisture content of harvested hazelnuts should be reduced to 6%. And it is necessary to provide this. This will not be achieved with conventional drying processes, and the desired results will be achieved by drying with the machine. So that the drying time is significantly reduced, the losses are prevented and the quality of the product is increased. Thus ADAKURUTMA® hazelnut dryers are preferred throughout the sector and are leader in the market.

Technicial Specifications

* The given drying capacities are for corn and could be changed depending on weather conditions, grain density, grain size etc.


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