ADAKURUTMA® manufactures reliable, efficient grain dryers in a variety of models and capacities.  ADAKURUTMA®  has been a trusted name in the grain drying industry. Our dryers are built tough with the most modern features available for high performance and simplified operation.

ADAKURUTMA® grain dryers allow you the choice of full-heat drying or heat/cool drying methods. Both methods are performed efficiently and economically by ADAKURUTMA® grain dryers. 2 fan and burner dryers have an internal divider between the plenums, so each fan and heater blows into its own chamber and is not affected by the other.

In addition to the single and 2 fan and burner grain dryers, ADAKURUTMA® also offers 2 and 3 stacked  grain dryers. These dryers are available in 2, 3, 4,5, or 6 fan/burner configurations to meet your drying needs.

As a plus we know that the future depends on the quality and dependability of our products. Every ADAKURUTMA® grain dryer is thoroughly tested before it goes to users.


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