Automatic Sampling Probe

Features and Advantages:


  • It is a system in which all the raw materials such as wheat, barley, corn, rice, soybean, sunflower, lentil, chickpeas and canola seeds can work at the same time.
  • It does not need any human power with its remote control system.
  • Extensible telescopic arm can reach every point of any vehicle.
  • It completes sampling within 6 seconds.
  • Custom-made transport hoses which provides laboratory transfer of samples are resistant to all weather conditions.
  • At a height of 5 meters, it is possible to sample even from the highest vehicle.
  • Maintains homogeneity by continuous suction during sampling.
  • The adjustable tip delivers the sample to the laboratory at the desired amount.
  • The system offers both manual and automatic operation
  • it is possible to take samples from desired depth by the used vacuum probe. Thus, the particles at different depths can be analyzed separately. and the homogeneity of the product which is going to be purchased can be determined.
  • In the manual operation mode, sampling probe manually lowered to the desired depth and sampling starts from that point.
  • The system samples in different amounts according to grain density and humidity.
  • The probe's length is 250 cm and is made of stainless steel.

The critical point of the "raw material's quality preliminary estimation" issue, which is very important for the enterprises, is the correct sampling. Received samples must represent the entire stack and reflect product characteristics in general. Beside the homogeneity of the process, will increase the volume by saving time for the laboratory.

Nowadays the transport vehicles are more different types and more rigid than the old one. Which makes manual sampling probes and old-generation sample probes difficult to use. ADAKURUTMA's probe, the base feel and protection feature on the structure is the ideal device for choosing a sampling probe, with fully electrohydraulic functionality and sample taking in 6 seconds.

Technical Specifications:


  • Material : St-37 Steel and AISI304 Stainless Steel
  • Power Supply: 380-400V Trifaze
  • Power equipment: 0,75 - 1,5 kW
  • System Operation: Electro Hydraulic
  • Height : 4,3 m
  • Telescopic arm: 300 - 480 cm Extendable
  • Returnability: 180º
  • Weight: 550 Kg
  • Operation Time: Maximum 6 seconds



  • Homogeneous sampling
  • Non pneumatic
  • Fluent motion thanks to hydraulic system
  • Only one operator is enough for the entire sampling cycle
  • Sampling probe is delivered pre-assembled
  • Easy and fast installation (less than a day)
  • Optimal sample management
  • Easy to use
  • Security at all levels


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