In terms of product quality and profitability, the success of drying process directly related to choice of the appropriate dryer and its usage. As a first step, highest importance must be given to the selection of dryer and drying method.

Selection of appropriate dryer is a very difficult and complex process that many factors should be taken into consideration. During selection process; technological requirements, economic operation and quality of obtained processed product should be considered as important criteria. From choosing the right dryer to use of it, ADAKURUTMA® has been giving service and support with its experts and experienced staff.

Why is dryer selection important?



Get the technical support and the chance to use it more effectively by making the warranty registration of the product that you purchase.





  • Amount of product that going to be dried in a year
  • Operation safety
  • Compliance with the quality of the dried product
  • Compliance with the external appearance of the dried product
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Providing opportunities for effective controls during the operation
  • Repair and maintenance facility
  • Aesthetic appearance

Points to be considered during the selection of a dryer:

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